Micro & Meso Leadership Series

individual on mountain

Micro Leadership zooms in on the leader as an individual and their understanding of organizations. Key meta skills that impact every aspect of leadership are strengthened to enhance leadership quality overall, including productivity and a resilient mindset. Relationships are extremely important to good leading, and enhancing self-awareness and communication remove key barriers that are preventing progress. Leaders learn how they hold the power to reach their full potential and generate the highest leadership impact.

Meso Leadership expands outward a layer to examine how people work best together in teams and groups. It is focused on building high performance teams using complementary strengths, as well as learning to create an environment that nurtures team trust and intrinsic motivational cycles so everyone can thrive. Growing the mindset needed to make a deep impact with these teams is crucial, as leaders have immense influence and understanding where leverage lies is key to breaking out of average performance.

Who should attend?

New, frontline, or emerging leaders

Next program begins in Summer 2024


  • 25

    total hours of instruction from highly-credentialed instructors

  • 10

    total sessions

  • $995

    cost of program covers instruction, materials, and certificate

Program Details


The Micro & Meso Leadership Series of the Leadership Accelerator is offered virtually every other week –– Tuesdays from 4:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. EST. Each session is two and half hours, with five sessions per program, and 10 total sessions between two programs in the Micro & Meso Leadership Series.


The certificate program is $995 per person. All 10 sessions must be attended to receive certificate. Registration fees cover program materials, a Mercer certificate of completion, and instruction. Special pricing is available for current Mercer University faculty and staff, alumni, and for three or more individuals registering from the same organization.

Course Outline

Mercer’s Leadership Accelerator program uses applied learning experiences, engaging lessons, critical discussion, case studies, and business scenarios to prepare individuals for the future of leadership. Learn more about specific course sessions and program outline.