The Leadership Accelerator

A comprehensive development series

Leadership Accelerator

Talented leaders are essential for an organization’s continual success. The Leadership Accelerator spans three certification series consisting of eight programs, 40 sessions, and 100 hours of leadership-focused education essential for growing into an impactful executive. Uniquely designed to expose leaders to crucial business knowledge and toolkits, participants gain a holistic perspective by examining leadership through three spheres of influence: the Micro (individual level), Meso (team level), and Macro (organizational level) environments.

The changing world of business needs thriving leaders who can reimagine the future of organizations and embrace the new hybrid work environment. Be prepared for what the future of leadership holds with The Leadership Accelerator, a comprehensive development series.

individual on mountain

Micro Leadership Series

Micro Leadership zooms in on the leader as an individual and their understanding of organizations. In this series, key skills that impact every aspect of leadership are strengthened to enhance leadership quality overall.

rowing team

Meso Leadership Series

Meso Leadership examines how people work best together in teams and groups. This series focuses on building high performance teams using complementary strengths and creating an environment that nurtures team trust and intrinsic motivational cycles.


Macro Leadership Series

Macro Leadership considers the entire organization and its context. This series is focused on launching the organization into the future towards a meaningful mission through strategy development and execution.