The Leadership Accelerator

A comprehensive development series

Leadership Accelerator

Talented leaders are essential for an organization’s continual success. The Leadership Accelerator spans three certification series consisting of eight programs, 40 sessions, and 100 hours of leadership-focused education essential for growing into an impactful executive. Uniquely designed to expose leaders to crucial business knowledge and toolkits, participants gain a holistic perspective by examining leadership through several spheres of influence: the Authentic Leadership Series and the Engaging Leadership Series.

The changing world of business needs thriving leaders who can reimagine the future of organizations and embrace the new hybrid work environment. Be prepared for what the future of leadership holds with The Leadership Accelerator, a comprehensive development series.

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Authentic Leadership Series

Authentic Leadership zooms in on the leader as an individual and their understanding of organizations.


Engaging Leadership Series

Engaging Leadership expands outward a layer to examine how people work best together in teams and groups.

Authentic Leadership Program Testimonials

The following are testimonials from those who have completed the Authentic Leadership program:

“The Authentic Leader Program has been excellent in helping me learn to work with diverse and complex teams, increase awareness of my personal strengths and growth areas as a leader, and helped me learn how to think systemically about complex problems. I strongly recommend it to anyone moving into a leadership role who wants to build effective relationships with their team and be an effective leader!”

“The Authentic Leader Program was insightful, thought-provoking and game-changing starting with the Pro-Scan personal dynamics individual assessment! I highly recommend this program!”

“The Authentic Leader Program was filled with rich information and applicable tools I am able to use directly in the real-world, especially the workforce. The content was also delivered in a fun and exciting way. I would encourage any leader, regardless of level of management, to take advantage of this program.”

“If you want to dive deeper and learn more about yourself as a person and as a leader, then the Leadership Accelerator program is for you!”

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