Engaging Leadership Series Course Outline

Mercer’s Engaging Leadership program uses applied learning experiences, engaging lessons, critical discussion, case studies, and business scenarios to prepare individuals for the future of leadership. Learn more about specific course sessions and program outline.

Engaging Leadership Program (12.5 hours)
Session Topics
Session One
You are the Key to Engagement
September 18, 2024
  • Discover how leadership is a key leverage point for engagement.
  • Understand the impact – good or bad – that your leadership has on your employee engagement.
  • Identify the crucial characteristics of a world-class organization to instill into your culture.
  • Learn to carefully craft customized human-centered work experiences for your employees.
  • Understand your role as a framework builder and engagement system operator.
Session Two
Clarity for Engagement
October 2, 2024
  • Learn why job clarity is crucial to engaging employees.
    Discover how to create and enhance job clarity.
  • Identify the key metrics that define success for your employees.
  • Build a framework for selecting goals and measuring employee progress.
  • Improve your communication skills to deliver clear expectations.
Session Three
The Need for Personal Growth
October 16, 2024
  • Learn how to give employees autonomy without sacrificing quality.
  • Build a framework for enhancing employee learning and development.
  • Design customized learning opportunities focused on employee mastery.
  • Discover how to connect each job to a deeper purpose.
Session Four
Creating a Continuous Feedback Culture
October 30, 2024
  • Develop your skills to give customized high-quality feedback.
  • Recognize misconceptions and worst-practices for the feedback process.
  • Learn the must-have characteristics of successful feedback systems.
  • Build a repertoire of tools and tactics for capitalizing on micro and macro feedback opportunities.
  • Practice your new skills in realistic feedback conversations.
Session Five
Motivating Excellence
November 13, 2024
  • Understand the importance of employee recognition and appreciation.
  • Build a toolkit with specific methods for recognizing your employees.
  • Learn how to prevent your most engaged employees from burning out.
  • Develop communication skills to inspire motivation and align effort.
  • Discover the connection between trust and motivation.