Meso Leadership Series Course Outline

Mercer’s Leadership Accelerator program uses applied learning experiences, engaging lessons, critical discussion, case studies, and business scenarios to prepare individuals for the future of leadership. Learn more about specific course sessions and program outline.

Engaging Leadership Program (12.5 hours)
Session Topics
Session One
You are the Key to Engagement
  • Discover how leadership is a key leverage point for engagement.
  • Understand the impact – good or bad – that your leadership has on your employee engagement.
  • Identify the crucial characteristics of a world-class organization to instill into your culture.
  • Learn to carefully craft customized human-centered work experiences for your employees.
  • Understand your role as a framework builder and engagement system operator.
Session Two
The Need for Personal Growth
  • Learn how to give employees autonomy without sacrificing quality.
  • Build a framework for enhancing employee learning and development.
  • Design customized learning opportunities focused on employee mastery.
  • Discover how to connect each job to a deeper purpose.
Session Three
Creating a Continuous Feedback Culture
  • Develop your skills to give customized high-quality feedback.
  • Recognize misconceptions and worst-practices for the feedback process.
  • Learn the must-have characteristics of successful feedback systems.
  • Build a repertoire of tools and tactics for capitalizing on micro and macro feedback opportunities.
  • Practice your new skills in realistic feedback conversations.
Session Four
Motivating Excellence
  • Understand the importance of employee recognition and appreciation.
  • Build a toolkit with specific methods for recognizing your employees.
  • Learn how to prevent your most engaged employees from burning out.
  • Develop communication skills to inspire motivation and align effort.
  • Discover the connection between trust and motivation.
Session Five
Clarity for Engagement
  • Learn why job clarity is crucial to engaging employees.
  • Discover how to create and enhance job clarity.
  • Identify the key metrics that define success for your employees.
  • Build a framework for selecting goals and measuring employee progress.
  • Improve your communication skills to deliver clear expectations.
High-Performance Teams Program (12.5 hours)
Session Topics
Session One
Become a Team Architect
  • Learn how to identify what skills and behaviors you need on your team.
  • Gain insight into the behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses of each team member.
  • Develop a framework for dividing roles and responsibilities among your team.
  • Understand how to maximize success at each stage of the team’s life cycle.
  • Practice determining who is best for certain roles using case studies.
Session Two
Empowering Leadership
  • Build a framework to develop self-motivated, innovative, and agile employees who can act as leaders themselves.
  • Learn the Art of Delegation that ensures high-quality results and growth opportunities for your employees.
  • Cultivate the leader characteristics that ensure your team is empowered and engaged.
  • Analyze your blind spots for micromanaging, poor decision processes, hoarding control, and operating from a place of distrust.
  • Understand the practical applications through realistic scenarios and discussion.
Session Three
Ensuring Execution
  • Develop a system that cultivates team accountability and follow-through.
  • Build a goal setting framework that aligns your team’s efforts.
  • Understand the importance of a communication plan and how to implement one.
  • Learn how to ensure continuous progress on all your team goals each week.
  • Practice accountability conversations with business case studies.
Session Four
Building a High-Performance Culture
  • Facilitate the development of your team’s strategic purpose and work expectations.
  • Develop a framework to intentionally build team culture through the team’s mission, core values, and code of conduct.
  • Learn to instill these key characteristics into the DNA of your team culture.
  • Discover methods to ensure open feedback loops among team members.
  • Understand how to reinforce, motivate, and encourage teamwork instead of individual performance.
Session Five
Transforming Conflict
  • Understand the impact your mindset has on conflict.
  • Learn the Art of Elegant Disagreement to have productive conflicts.
  • Develop conflict resolution skills tailored to your communication style.
  • Discover methods to repair relationships after conflict occurs.
  • Practice having difficult conversations with real-world business scenarios.
The High-Impact Leader Program (12.5 hours)
Session Topics
Session One
Whole-Impact Leadership
  • Discover how managing up maximizes your leadership career outlook.
  • Understand how to leverage your communication skills with your boss and your peers.
  • Build a toolkit of effective strategies for managing upward and outward.
  • Learn to be an indispensable and relevant asset to your organization.
  • Develop the skills needed to inspire others to action.
Session Two
The Ethical Leader
  • Gain wisdom and insights from lessons learned from the past.
  • Develop a framework for ethical decision making that equips you to be a better leader.
  • Discuss and apply the concept of legality versus ethicality in business.
  • Learn to cultivate a culture of psychological safety that upholds ethicality.
  • Grow your awareness and perspective on business ethics with real-world case studies and discussion.
Session Three
Critical Thinking for Leaders
  • Discover the characteristics of master critical thinkers and learn how to cultivate them in yourself.
  • Understand and overcome barriers to successful critical thinking in business.
  • Develop a problem-solving framework to take your thought process to the next level.
  • Learn to convey your thought process and decisions persuasively and effectively.
  • Practice thinking deeply with real-world business scenarios
Session Four
Leading in a Virtual World
  • Learn how to help your employees win at working in the new hybrid environment.
  • Build a repertoire of techniques, tools, and tips to enhance virtual team communication and performance.
  • Combat video fatigue and stress to protect your team’s energy.
  • Discover the best virtual methods to enhance team trust and create opportunities for team building.
  • Discuss key challenges and practice developing solutions as a group.
Session Five
Systems Thinking for Leaders
  • Build a systems perspective of your organization to enhance your holistic understanding.
  • Gain a micro and macro perspective that enables you to think critically about the entire value chain of your organization.
  • Discover the best methods to work interdepartmentally to improve systems.
  • Learn to identify and account for interdependencies in your organization and factor those into your decision-making process.
  • Practice thinking in systems with applied case studies.